David Crosby, you intractable titan

Crossing borders and making connections with Pearl Jam in Québec

At Fenway Park, Paul McCartney proves he remains without peer

Collapsing, rebuilding and reigniting with Pearl Jam in Arizona

Neil and the Horse swing in and out of time on Barn

The Stones' Love You Live is a ramshackle time capsule of a wild band

The lingering road to King Curtis and "Soul Serenade"

Dinosaur Jr. and the great indoors

All the phases, stages and winding roads to Let It Be

Fifty years later, new sounds collide with classic vibes on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass

Charlie Watts played with the band

The fervent, furious sounds of Bloomfield and Butterfield

Shake Your Money Maker will always tell the story of a band

Revelations and repeated listens with Layla

Lockdown becomes a boon on McCartney III

Tiny Music and Stone Temple Pilots long-overdue reconsideration

Salvations, bootlegs and mid-morning revelations

Navigating those solitary moments with Bob Dylan's solitary triumph

An overdue dream comes true: Tom Petty's complete vision of Wildflowers arrives

Late nights on Abbey Road

The Flaming Lips tackle ghosts on American Head

The Kinks' Kronikles stands as their greatest collection

Walking, waiting and hoping on the rest of Tom Petty's Wildflowers

Through the years with "Wharf Rat" and the Grateful Dead

One year later, another night with the Rolling Stones

Murder, mystery and melancholy weave together on Bob Dylan’s Rough and Rowdy Ways

Pearl Jam offers up surprising twists and turns on Gigaton

Locked in with Day For Night and the Tragically Hip



UPDATED: Nov. 2, 2023

“Now and Then,” and on and on again

The Beatles - Now and Then

By the grace of patience and modern technology, we have one last glimpse of the Beatles.


Pearl Jam in St Paul Traveling to Minnesota with Pearl Jam and everyone along the way
Another year, another Pearl Jam road trip, with the band and the surroundings delivering once again.

Don't Give Up Springsteen and the E Street Band play for those here and gone at Gillette Stadium
Bruce Springsteen was his revelatory self in Foxboro, Mass., paying tribute to all those who have helped him take part in this journey through the years.

Don't Give Up Robert Plant and Alison Krauss cement their unique musical path at Thompson’s Point
Plant and Krauss capped the U.S. leg of the Raise the Roof tour in the scenic surroundings of Portland's peninsula.

Don't Give Up Reentering My Morning Jacket’s orbit in Boston
After too many years away, it was great to be blasted by a My Morning Jacket live show again.


Pearl Jam Mansfield 2003 illustrationBack at the shack with Robbie and the Band
I can never overstate how much Robbie Robertson and the Band meant to all of us, just as we were trying to find our own voices.

Pearl Jam Mansfield 2003 illustrationCompleting the experiment: Looking back at Pearl Jam’s massive Mansfield show, 20 years later
Twenty years later, the reverberations from Pearl Jam's four-hour marathon in Mansfield are still felt.

All the lightness and everlasting weight of Alice in Chains, unplugged
A belated and necessary tribute to an album that remains as important as any album could.

Marching through time with Led Zeppelin
An exercise in listening to nothing but this band for a few weeks. It was not a chore, I must stress.


Queens of the Stone Age step out of the darkness with In Times New Roman...
Josh Homme and company have emerged from these troubled times with an absolute masterpiece of an album.

Council Skies is Noel Gallagher at his retrospective best
As if on cue, Gallagher looks back and delivers an album that shines a light on the path beyond all this.

Hitting a new peak with the Allman Brothers Band on Hittin’ the Note
In 2003, Gregg Allman and company went into the studio and pulled another classic record out of the air.

Sonic Youth moves from noise to atmospheric jams and back on In/Out/In
It's been too long without new music from Sonic Youth. And even if everything here is more than a decade old, it's still a thrilling listen.