Winding through the astral plane with the Velvet Underground

Dylan, the Band and capturing the flood in 1974

The blinding, belated brilliance of Bob Dylan's Street Legal

Weird, real, emotional: Traveling the years with Stephen Malkmus and Pig Lib

Led Zeppelin's first contact, 50 years later

R.E.M., rediscovery and collapsing into 2019

Looking back through Jimi Hendrix's trains

Climbing hills and breaking down walls with the Magpie Salute in Paris

Balance, "Beware of Darkness" and George Harrison

Another ride through Neil Young's "Music Arcade"

An American Treasure highlights the pure power of Tom Petty's music

Stripped down, the Magpie Salute carries on in New England

Retrorockets fired and burned on the Black Crowes' Lions

Nothing's not my fault: Pearl Jam returns to Fenway Park

Pearl Jam teams with Seattle to bring its music home

The Magpie Salute establishes its own roots on High Water I

Twisted words and singalongs: Capping four nights and 25 years with Radiohead in New York

Red Rocks, Ryan Adams and the magic of unexpected occurances

Chris Cornell as a Sunday morning accompaniment





UPDATED: March 27, 2020

Pearl Jam offers up surprising twists and turns on Gigaton

The band's 11th album was seven years in the making, and it reflects all the varied paths traveled in that time.


10 for the 10s: Telling the story of the past decade in 10 albums
Matt and Nick each run through 10 albums that defined their past 10 years, from country to hip hop, singer-songwriters to rockers.

Capturing the Rolling Stones in a moment of revolution, via Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be
Nearly 50 years later, one of the key nights in the transformation of the Rolling Stones lives on.

Wilco arrives at a new, familiar destination on Ode to Joy
It's been a long time getting here, but Wilco keeps refining their approach and delivering music that's at once foreign and recognizable.

This is the place: Delving into Radiohead’s hacked minidiscs
Through questionable means but ultimately positive results, hours and hours of Radiohead's demos and outtakes from OK Computer have been unleashed, and they're a revelation.


Locked in with Day For Night and the Tragically Hip
It's hard not to hear the accidental parallels within Gord Downie's lyrics during what's essentially a mass quarantine.

Night 43: A scorching introduction to Pearl Jam’s bootlegs
A performance from the band's first run of official live releases provided the final hurdle before total obsession.

Led Zeppelin’s cottage revival and the birth of III
Let's kick off the new year by pretending it's 50 years in the past, with no electricity or water.

Ginger Baker, a life umatched
Ginger Baker was not an easy man to get along with. He spoke best behind a drum kit.


Phish shares jokes, jams and overall weirdness with Providence
At the risk of sounding like I don't know what I'm talking about, Phish turned in a weird show. It was still a blast.

Mudhoney keeps fighting creeps everywhere, one show at a time
Mudhoney's fuzz keeps marching through the years, fighting the good fight and keeping audiences enthralled.

Gov’t Mule plies their trade with brilliance in Boston
They couldn't have known it, but Warren Haynes and company were the perfect band at the perfect time on this night at the waterfront.

Mark Lanegan works within the moment at the Sinclair
Stepping up on a Monday night in Cambridge, Mark Lanegan channeled greatness and played without compromise.