Capturing the Rolling Stones in a moment of revolution, via Live’r Than You’ll Ever Be
Nearly 50 years later, one of the key nights in the transformation of the Rolling Stones lives on.

Led Zeppelin's early fury captured at the Fillmore West
In this edition of Bootlegging, a recording from April, 1969, shows Led Zeppelin introducing audiences to their ridiculously heavy blend of rock and blues on an early American tour.

Keith Richards reveled in old favorites on 'Stone Alone'
Free of his famous band and even his most famous instrument, Keith Richards found solace on some old standards in these rare solo sessions, all captured on a bootleg.

Technical difficulties can't stop a blazing set from the Who
Tape issues kept the Who from presenting their epic Quadrophenia album the way they wanted in 1973. So instead, they did everything short of setting their guitars on fire in this flawed, brilliant show.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse kept it beautifully ugly in 1976
On a major and memorable tour with Crazy Horse in 1976, Neil Young pulled out new songs, kept audiences on their toes and let the Horse make a mess of the electric sets, and it was all close to perfection.

Bruce Springsteen's night in Cleveland cemented his live legend
Another edition of 'Bootlegging' takes a look at a classic night by the E Street Band in Cleveland on the Darkness on the Edge of Town tour circa 1978.

Pearl Jam left everything on the Dead's stage at Soldier Field
In the first of a new series on live recordings titled Bootlegging, Nick Tavares explores a raging set by Pearl Jam at Chicago's Soldier Field on July 11, 1995.